DeeFyant  Music  


DeeFyant is a multitalented singer and songwriter. She specializes in creating R&B music but also branches off into rap, trap, pop and hip-hop. Born and raised in Upper Marlboro Maryland. She began her singing career at the age of 12 with just a group of friends and then evolved into becoming a recording artist. Her professional career did not start until her freshmen year of college, where she met Zukye Ardella who is now one of her producers. On August 19th, 2017 DeeFyant released her first project titled “ The Dark Hours”. The project shows a combination of her versatility, as she goes from singing to rap and just vibing. DeeFyant has performed in multiple cities across the US and is preparing to provide more visuals for tracks from her project. She has interviewed with WPGC 95.5 and dominated showcases throughout the DMV.